Mil Spec 90 Durometer 50x113
Mil Spec 90 Durometer 50x113

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90 Durometer seals are the good stuff and these o-rings are selected to do the heavy duty lifting. If you choose long life over economy this is the best choice. Often quality seals result in more reliable systems and lower overall cost of ownership. If you're going to keep it or take pride in the work you do there is nothing better than guns that last for decades rather than years. The use of quality parts is a good investment. These are the seals I use on the bench for my Custom Work and there is no better available. Mil Spec means a decade of harsh service minimum and often much better.Installation should be with a Proper O-ring lube like DC 111 Dow Corning Grease. These o-rings are very hard and durable and you will find many instances where the next size smaller is the best choice to stretch into the groove so the interference is not excessive. Hard o-ring last a long time but the fit must be a more precision affair where the irregularities will not be tolerated by the harder material and compressing the harder material will require more force or room. These parts are the Lays Potato Chips of AGsmithing. You will not be able to eat just one so you may as well get yourself a big bag. 50 o-rings for less than $2 each may sound ridiculous but I promise you will find a place for them because the best o-ring made always finds a home. Often not on an airgun. If you are an active DIY playing with PCP and CO2 these are the answer to so many questions it would blow your mind. The 113 is the Tube oring for the Marauder Pistol, the Crosman CO2 Caps for all the old school pressure vessel guns, the QB & TF series and numerous domestic and foreign applications too numerous to list. These will take about 30 years to drain down a 12 gram CO2 because that is how long they last.

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