Steroid link pivot
Steroid link pivot

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Hard link Pivot for Benjamin & Sheridan guns from lever link to piston. This is a suitable replacement item for the factory 11/64"  pin Benjamin and Sheridan used up until 2005. The factory switched to a 1/8" link pin which has been known to snap in two when pushed. Pin Fitting required in some cases. Slightly oversize to factory pin. This pin will often work in a factory lever as delivered but it is slightly oversize to the original and a small adjustment needs to be made on occasion to the link pinhole with a small flapper to pin fit and clean up the links bearing surface. This should be a slip fit to the Link & Piston both.
It is a stock item for all Benjamin and Sheridan repairs done by Mac1. We upgrade stock guns sold by Mac1 to the 11/64" link pin for better durability as well as drilling a 3rd Forearm mounting point on the Pump lever to enhance the levers structure on guns with Factory levers. Both link and Piston need to be opened up to use the Mac1 Steroid Link pivot on Post 2005 products. This Pin Worked fine for 60 years and I see no GOOD reason to run a smaller one. Quite the opposite. We like to take the weak link out of stuff. Get it?

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