Flat Head Piston Rebuild kit for Early Crosmans
Flat Head Piston Rebuild kit for Early Crosmans

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Mac1 manufactured in USA. Black or grey plastic head, Uses a #111 90 Durometer Urethane seal as the Pump seal. Piston Head Comes with a spare oring. The best DIY solution going and the pros use it also.

This kit is perfect for rebuilding the pistons on ALL the old Crosmans. It fits S&W 77A piston as well. It presses onto the ones like the 760, 130, 140, 1400 and screws onto the 101, 120, 105 etc. It fits virtually every flat top piston Crosman ever made. All the DIY needs to do is extract the cup, brass piece and aluminum washer and press the plastic piston head on in place of those parts. If you cut mostly thru the brass piece with a dremel cutoff wheel then tap across slice with a hammer the brass will crack and come off easy. Remove the remnants of the cup, brass and aluminum washer. Leave the felt on. Generally you will need to shorten the piston adjustment a few threads to make up for the slightly longer than stock piston OAL once the FHPRK is fitted.

On early model 101, 104, 110, 108, 105, 106, 120 etc the Head screws onto the threaded shaft so you can use it on virtually ALL EARLY Crosmans no matter the type.

The kit comes with two #111 90 durometer urethane o-rings so you have a spare for the piston or you can use it on the outside of the valve.

Many Old Crosmans will start working as soon as you make the piston pump and snug the valve nut. Be sure to mop all the goo out of the pump group so you don't push it into your valve. It is a good practice to use some sort of adhesive to hold the Head on the shaft. Gasket Maker, Silicone caulking and JB weld all work.
We now sell the Heads in a five Pak you can get 5 Kits for the Price of Four. This is one of the most popular Kits we make.

Flat Head Piston Rebuild Techniques

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