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Benjamin Sheridan Gen II Brake
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Mac1 designed and manufactured brake for Benjamin & Sheridan Pump Rifles. This will fit all years .20 or .22 cal and any .177 Cal after 1985. Different barrel lengths require plastic seal(s) and or o-ring provided to fit and seal(two plastic spacers and an o-ring are supplied). Front sight will need to be removed or heated and moved aft to clear the brake. All Racine Benjamin and all Sheridan rifles will be able to use the Williams peep or open sights still if the front sight is moved back.
This is for the more handy and is primarily made for Pro use. Fitment is via two part epoxy. The spacer glues to the barrel and tube(apply glue to barrel and tube only) for about 2" at the front of the gun so it has plenty of contact area and support. Installer will need to dry fit with the plastic seal(s) and/or o-ring to accommodate the various barrel lengths that were made. The spacer that glues to the barrel must not bottom on the front plug. It must bottom on the plastic seal or o-ring combination so it seals up and no glue can get into the barrel at the joint. It must be clamped down as well as pushed aft to make a seal while curing. The Brake glues onto the spacer with the glue being only applied on the spacer OD. Wipe off the excess epoxy and make sure there are no problems with the alignment before the glue cures. This should only be done to a gun that has had a recent front end freshen up as the Brake will need to be removed if there is any need to service the front end. Heat can allow the removal of the brake at any time.
Gen II Brake
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Mac1 designed and manufactured brake for AirRifles & AirPistols. Designed with a two piece arrangement so the pellet path can align with the brake front end. Various spacers are available so the Brake can be fitted to guns that don't have 15 or 16MM diameter barrels. The Brake needs to be heated up considerably to expand enough to be fitted to 16MM barrels and then when it cools it is not removable. All the spacers available are made to be used with the 16MM Brake. 15MM brakes will need to be heated up to slip onto 15MM barrel stock. This allows the easy indexing of barrels without unsightly grub screws sticking out. Spacers are available for .435" barrels to go on barrel end, discovery barrels which need to be spaced forward a few inches and the Benjamin/Sheridan Pump guns. These parts are made for pro use and talented hobbeists. The Sheridan and Benjamin Spacers glue on and the rest of the spacers are interference fit. They go on with heat applied and then pressed or hammered on. Once on the barrel the spacers are machined so the interference to the brake is only a .001" difference so the brake can be heated and pressed onto the spacer.
I have the 15 & 16MM brakes made up and when a barrel is smaller than the sizes we have I use a spacer made to fit a .435"/11MM barrel and open that up to whatever diameter the customer needs. If the barrel falls between 15 and 16 I machine the 15MM out. If it is above 16MM I machine out the 16MM. I can fit barrels from 11MM to 19MM. I normally cut brakes ID a .001" smaller than barrel OD and heat them to install. I can cut them a .001" bigger and you can glue on. Custom versions are going to be $25 Extra. You need to pout in your order notes the Dimension of chpoice for the ID or the Brke that fits approximately 2" on the end of the barrel when slid all the way on.
Williams Peep 5DSH
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Williams peep is a nice upgrade for any Benjamin after '85 or all Sheridans. The rifle needs to be drilled and tapped for be mounted if the gun does not already have pre-drilled holes on the Right side of the breech.
Steroid Front Plug
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Blued steel front plug compliments the blued steel billet lever on any Steroid Billet Benjy or Dan. Doesn't fit 342/347 and Earlier Benjies. Available to add a bit of bling, structure and muzzle protection to late (post '88), Benjamin or any year Sheridan. Made in USA by Mac1. This is standard now on all Billet Steroid Guns sent in with an aluminum front plug. The Factory aluminum front plug will erode after a few pin drivings and the Steel front plug is the answer to have a front plug that will last for decades. I recommend this part to be part of ANY Steroid Job to a Sheridan or Benjamin Rifle so that multiple front pin driving will not result in Spring pins that start to slip out. When you invest in a Steroid this is the front plug you want, so in 20 years you can install a fresh spring pin, pump cup, link pin and lever rivet and be confident the Front pins will stay put when you reinstall. It is a faithful replica of the Factory Die cast front Plug or Chromed Brass Plug from the 80's & 90's but in Blued Steel to match the Mac1 Billet levers. No Steroid is complete without this Steel Front Plug.
Steroid Stainless Steel Piston Head
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Mac1 made in USA. This 300 series Stainless Steel Solid Head is non-magnetic and rust proof. The best part for upgrading your Sheridan piston for strength and adjustability. You need to cut the factory piston head off, thread the rod end to 1/4X28TPI and install the supplied Jam nut. You are piston adjustable and bullet proof. Mac1 Steroid Piston Head includes the Factory Pump Cup. (OAL) Length of adjusted piston is 7.25".
Steroid Spring Steel Lever Link
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Steroid Spring Steel Lever Link is a direct copy of the Sheridan link produced in the 1950's. It is made of 1095 Spring steel with polished and reamed holes and a Blued finish. It is a direct replacement for the early lever links and is our upgrade link to go with the Billet lever and steel front plug used in Current Billet Steroid conversions when the factory link is soft or bent. We also have rivets to suit any of the early factory levers.
Sheridan Bolt Lugs, O-ring & Tool
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Replace your bolt lug with an appropriate tool for the job. Makes changing bolt orings on the Sheridan rifles and pistols routine and bolt lug upgrades on 342 & 347 Benjamin rifles easy.  Steel & Stainless Steel Construction unfinished. Made in USA by Mac1. The lug should be as long as possible so you want to make sure the lug will just clear the tube when it swings down and it doesn't bind on the hammer when it pulls it back.
The Mac1 Sheridan bolt lug is an upgrade lug for all the Benjamin series rifles (that had a less than robust lug). The lug should wind up with one of the hex flats aligned with the Cam face angle for maximum surface engagement between those parts.
Cam adjustment must be made when you reinstall cam plate & cover. Assemble loosely making sure cam is behind lug. Push forward on the back of the cam cover with Bolt handle 1/2 way open while tightening the cam screws. If the adjustment is correct the handle will feel snug before it gets near the fully closed position. This pushes the bolt forward to make a seal and keep the bolt from opening when gun fires.
This is the tool for all Rocker Safety Sheridan guns and will Install Sheridan Bolt lugs in Benjamin Rifles. Lug not included. American Made is the best.
This kit includes the 90 durometer #004 Urethane Sheridan Bolt Oring, 2 Steel Bolt Lugs and the Bolt Lug Installation Tool.
Secret Sauce 10 oz Refill Size
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Secret Sauce is an AW (Antiwear) class 30 weight Hydraulic lubricant that has been tested extensively by Mac1. It all but eliminates wear in single & Multi-Stroke Pnuematics and can also be used on pivots of springer systems. NOT suggested as a chamber or spring lubricant for spring or ram powered Airguns. It can be used lightly in CO2 guns to keep corrosion in check and keep the guns operating properly.
Steroid Exhaust Valve
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Exhaust valve for Mac1 Steroid conversion to Benjamin/Sheridan Pump guns. Requires custom valve seat machined in valve guide/body. Can be used in many Bulk Crosmans which share a common stem size and valve layout. Great seal for HPA applications where pressures are too high for the factory exhaust valve.
Used in all Steroid Modifications from 1995 onward. Mac1 can cut your valve seat to conform to the Steroid Valve if you send your valve body or guide.
Steroid Extended Bolt Knob
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Mac1 made in USA. This Nickel Plated Knob is a replacement knob for the Factory Bolt. We use it to convert the Bolt so the handle doesn't swing up and hit the scope. You need to thread the bolt back end to 10X32TPI and all you need to do is screw the Knob on with threadlock. We use this Knob when doing scope grooved Steroid guns and it will work with any low scope set-up..