BKL 260HMB 1-Piece High 1" Scope Mount
BKL 260HMB 1-Piece High 1" Scope Mount

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This mount is made for spring guns and other guns that need the strength in the mounts structure to avoid putting loads and recoil stresses thru the scopes thin tube. Split ring mounts are a big mistake on a recoilling spring gun when only the rear mount is stopped by the guns rear receiver stop hole. One piece mounts take the loads too many expect the scopes tube to tolerate but that is not there task in life. Mount structure cannot be part of the scope tubes job or the tube will get damaged and POI vs POA will shift as the tube bends. BKL mounts and risers have the desirable feature that they accomodate the variety of real rail widths to make sure the glass is always centered on the action. Nearly every mount made has offsets to the guns centerline but the BKL system has a better approach and it also often allows the use of open sights with scope mounted. This is because of the central slot in the BKL extrusion. I find this slot very handy to get me close to the target with my optics whenever I'm having difficulty finding an elusive target. BKL Technology is an AirForce Company so the same man is behind both product lines. He grabbed the BKL company when they floundered and we are all lucky he did. That was American technology we did need and John McCasilin was wise enough to make it happen..

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