AirForce Edge Accessory Weights 5-Pak
AirForce Edge Accessory Weights 5-Pak

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AirForce makes a Set of weights for the 10 Meter Edge version and with a little creativity will fit other AirForce guns. They fit on the rimfire/airgun type groove on the bottom of the guns. The AF extrusion the guns are made on is grooved in three places (receiver bottom, top and top rail).
The AirForce platform is pretty much a Lego or Erector set type modular gun that can be configured in a plethora of ways with a nearly infinite possibility for balance due to it's very reasonable overall weight. In some configurations it tends to be a muzzle lite arrangement that could benefit from some weight forward. The Edge weight set is held in place by large orings so it can be slid fore and aft and repositioned at will.
It is called the Edge weight set but there is no reason it could not be utilized on the entire AF lineup to easily give you the CG you desire with the minimum of work to that end.
AF comes up with some pretty cool ideas we can use on stuff besides the AF line-up. John McCasilin is a real innovative charachter. Sort of the American version of Fred Axelson from FX. He is one of those guys that never stops thinking and digging deep.

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