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M1SS6OZ   Secret Sauce 6 oz Large Size
M1SS2PO   Secret Sauce Small Dripper 2 fl. oz
M1ShBLug   Sheridan & Benjamin Bolt Lug
M1ShLugTo   Sheridan & Benjamin Bolt Lug Tool
MShBeKiPA   Sheridan & Benjamin Rebuild Kit -PA Models
M1ShLugKi   Sheridan Bolt Lugs, O-ring & Tool
M1EFGKit   Sheridan E or F CO2 Rebuild kit
MShFBuAd   Sheridan F Bulk Adapter
MF503SST   Sheridan F503 Replica Valve Return Spring
MShReKiKR   Sheridan Rebuild Kit Keyed Rivet
MShKiRR   Sheridan Valve Kit Round Rivet
SW78EV   Smith & Wesson Exhaust Valve for CO2 Pistols
SW78ReKi   Smith & Wesson Rebuild Kit for CO2 Pistols
BSqT1005   Spirit Level for Airgun/Rimfire Rail
BSqT1006   Spirit Level for Weaver Dovetail
SADharness   Steady Aim Deluxe Price Harness
M1StrdEV   Steroid Exhaust Valve
MStExBoKn   Steroid Extended Bolt Knob
M1StFPlug   Steroid Front Plug
M1ChVearly   Steroid Intake (early)
M1ChVlate   Steroid Intake (late)
MStKeyRiv   Steroid Lever Rivet (keyed)
M1St-Piv   Steroid link pivot
M1PTFEGa   Steroid PTFE Valve Gasket
MStRoRiv   Steroid Round Rivet
MStLevLk   Steroid Spring Steel Lever Link
MStStPiHe   Steroid Stainless Steel Piston Head
St18NPT   Straight Fitting 1/8" NPT
M1AirStr   Strip T's Air Stripper
MTaToAd   Tank Top Adapter
M1TT18NPT   Tank Top CO2/HPA adapter
MTRkit   Thigh Rest Kit US FT
MTRSwBr   Thigh Rest Swivel Bracket
UM1403-2   Uncle Mikes QD Super swivels
UM1403-3   Uncle Mikes QD Super swivels
PSIYokew9   Universal Charging Yoke(K-Valve)
90URMS210   UR Mil Spec 90 Durometer #210
90URMS   Urethane Mil Spec 90 Durometer Orings
M1FTEV   US FT & Hunter Exhaust Valve
MUSFTVaTo   US FT & Hunter Valve Tool
1USFTHPACR   US FT BR w/ HPA Regulated 13 CI
SHDH2440   UTG 2.4X40MM Sunshade
UTGDoPi   UTG Dovetail to Picatinny Rail adapter
UTGDoPiEL   UTG Dovetail to Picatinny Rail Adapter Extra Long
UTGDoPiLP   UTG Dovetail to Picatinny Rail Adapter Low Profile
SW80MM   UTG SW80 Sidewheel
Wi5dsh   Williams Peep 5DSH

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