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MKI LD Barrel
Our Price: $120.00
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The LD Barrels are made for us by HW in Germany. Barrels have 12.5" of rifling and are made from 15MM stock. Also available in shorter lengths. Open barrels can be fitted with shrouds. Price includes machining your factory barrel housing with the step needed to fit the Mac1 barrel. You send us your housing and we will exchange it for one that is machined and painted.
13CI Regulated 3000 PSI HPA Tank w/800, 1000, 1200 or 1400 Output
Our Price: $75.00
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Standard Output 800 psi regulated air tank 3000 psi max input PSI/13CI. Tank has Foster type male fill and Tank pressure gauge. $15 extra for 1000 PSI. $35 more for 1200 or higher PSI Output. LD MKI pistols should not be run past 1000 PSI on HPA. All the Reg pistons get upgraded
to 90 durometer Mil Spec orings to extend service intervals & get the Mac 1 Magna-Cap inlet Dust cover.  Made in USA. Upgraded, pressure tested & reg tested By Mac1.
Universal Charging Yoke(K-Valve)
Our Price: $65.00
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Standard 3000 PSI K-Valve type Yoke for filling guns or tanks with Foster male Inlet. Includes gauge, bleeder, braided line and 3K Foster type female Quick Connect hose end. Made in USA. The yoke has a relief machined so it can fit Tanks with high valve webs and some Din Tanks with K-Valve threaded adapter fitted. It truly is a universal adapter able to fit nearly anything with a K or J valve. You can option a liquid Filled 2" high quality gauge so the accuracy and readability is enhanced considerably. Adds $25. Microbore Ninja 18" Line with strain relief Adds $20.
3.5oz CO2 Tank with On/Off valve
Our Price: $55.00
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3.5 oz CO2 tanks can be used in a wide variety of applications fitted to rifles and pistols so they can get many more shots per fill, better consistency and lower cost of operation. Fitted with high quality seals and ultra-reliable on/off valve. Tank weighs 17 oz full. Aluminum vessel with brass valve. On/Off Valve is Made in China, vessel made in USA and assembled with The Best 90 durometer Mil Spec orings. 3.5oz vessels do not require normally mandated DOT Hydro-testing because they are under 2" diameter, making them exempt. This is the famous Hangy Tank that can be used on Tau/BRNO, S&W, 78, MKI and the LD pistol. Too many applications to list.
MKI LD Bulk Adapter
Our Price: $45.00
(Out of Stock)

Hangy Tank Adapter for attaching Painball Tanks, HPA Tanks and Coily Remotes to LD's, MKI & MKII Crosmans, S&W 78/79 & Daisy 780/790/41. The adapter has an integral check valve so when the tank is turned off and removed the gun will stay charged. Brass construction Made in USA by Mac1.
Bulk CO2 12 oz Tank w/ On Off Valve
Our Price: $44.00
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This is the Upgraded 12oz CO2 Tank you can use with the Mac1 CO2 Quick Fill Adapter to fill CO2 Bulk fed guns. With the On Off feature you can also use the Mac1 Tank Top adapter that just screws onto the Tanks valve and allows you to fill bulk fed CO2 guns into the 1/8" pipe female fitting directly. The On Off valves are upgraded with better o-rings
Coily Remote with Slide Check
Our Price: $35.00
(Out of Stock)

These hoses are very handy for going between guns that accept painball tanks and remote CO2/Regulated Tanks. You can carry tanks in back pack or put under shooting bench with gun tethered to tank for best consistency. They can hook up to male Foster or female PainBall (ASA). This model has an integral slide check which allows the line to be vented and shut off simultaneously.
Bulk CO2 Tank Fill Adapter
Our Price: $30.00
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Transfer adapter for filling small paintball tanks from a master tank. This simple adapter allows for efficient transfers of CO2 from master tanks to smaller tanks. Record an empty weight and calculate full weight by adding tanks rated capacity. Squirt a little CO2 out to clear debris and fill syphon.  Screw the adapters brass side onto a Standard CO2 tank valve(CGA 320). Screw the small tank into the blued steel side and open the small tanks valve if fitted with an On/Off valve. Invert master tank or siphon feed CO2 with valve open for a few seconds. Shut master tank valve and back brass nut off letting small tank bleed down slowly. When you notice frost on tank bottom stop the bleed by tightening brass nut to master. Transfer a second time. As soon as you see the frosty outside change to wet, stop the fill and close the valves of both tanks. Don't  over-bleed  as it creates overfills & blown burst discs. These procedures are for filling tanks which are both starting at the same temperature. In the fridge with the produce and milk over night or 20 minutes in most freezers is about how long it takes to chill a tank as much as you need to get a full fill. That is another option if you don't want to waste CO2. Weigh the tank before it reaches room temperature and remove any excess CO2 by bleeding down or filling guns. Vessels maximum rated capacity is a lot less than it will actually contain. Do not exceed rated capacity as it can do damage to the Burst Disc and possibly give more pressure to your gun that it appreciates.
Be safe. When making CO2 or Air Transfers as well as shooting use appropriate eye and ear protection at all times.
Coily Remote
Our Price: $30.00
2 in stock!

These hoses are very handy for going between guns that accept painball tanks and remote CO2/Regulated Tanks. You can carry tanks in back pack or put under shooting bench with gun tethered to tank for best consistency. They can hook up to male Foster or female PainBall (ASA).
MKI LD Soft Case
Our Price: $26.00
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This long soft case can store two LD's with scopes. It is made of Cordura Nylon and is USA made. LD pistol not included.