Hammer Spring guide
Hammer Spring guide

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Hammer spring guide is part of our power prep to Crosman CO2 type guns and presses into the rear plug to preload the hammer spring and keep it pushing the hammer straight forward. Fits 2240, 2250, AS2250 XT, 2260, and most Custom shop Crosman CO2 guns. It is also a standard part of the Billet Steroid conversion to the late model Pump Benjamin and Sheridan rifles. Most Crosman hammers have relatively shallow holes for the spring and without control of a spring guide the hammer spring wants to go anywhere but straight back. This guide makes for a 1/4" preload on the hammer spring which is the max preload you can run on CO2 guns without the hammer spring hitting coil bind. With the hammer spring guide and the extra preload the guns still cock easy as the mechanism and spring is moving straight forward and back. You will see a 10% increase in velocity (20% more power)when this guide is fitted to most Crosman late model CO2 guns. It works in conjunction with the Factory hammer spring.

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